Throughout the world, millions of people have been taking advantage of health clubs, tennis courts, jogging tracks, swimming polls, home exercise equipment, and all manner of road races and triathlons.

Every day, millions of people are making choices about an activity, a program, or a piece of equipment in an effort to obtain benefits ranging from more rigor and alertness to a lowered risk of heart disease.

Running, cycling and other aerobic activities have been given the most emphasis over the past decade, because the enhance cardio respiratory endurance – the aspect of fitness that provided the most impressive health benefits.

Physical fitness, as experts in the fields have emphasized, actually has four components.

·         Cardio respiratory endurance is reflected in the sustained ability of the heart and blood vessels to carry oxygen to the body’s cells.

·         Muscular fitness consists of both, strength – the force a muscle produces in one effort – and endurance – the ability to perform repeated muscular contraction in succession.

·         Flexibility refers to the ability of your joints to move freely, and without discomfort, through their full range of motion.

·         Body composition refers to how much of your weight is lean mass (muscle and bone) and how much is fat.

Each of these components can be measurable improved with appropriate types of exercise.  More and more studies are showing that exercise may inhibit, arrest, or even reverse many of the declines associated with aging.  It’s never too late.

As researchers continue to study and evaluate physical activity. We’ll continue to offer the latest information, to assist you in designing and maintaining your personal wellness program.


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